History of Money: The Story Behind Currencies

The advent of money was one of the greatest advances of human civilization. Like many inventions, it arose from a universal need. Bartering, which was the first form of trade, began to become tedious and complicated as time went on.  How could one know how much wool a jug of wine was worth? In addition […]

What Does Closed Position Mean in Stocks?

In the world of stocks, there are a few terms that can be confusing for beginners. One of these is “closed position.” What does this mean, and when should you close a position? In this blog post, we will discuss what a closed position means and how it can impact your stock portfolio.  What does […]

Special Dividends: What It Is and How It Works

When most investors hear about dividends they immediately assume a regular dividend paid by companies quarterly, but the fact is that there are other types of dividends you can use. So, what is a special dividend? And what is the difference between a special dividend and a regular dividend? What is a special dividend? A […]

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